Come Celebrate

For your next celebration, think Salsa Salsa!!!!

There are many great things to celebrate throughout a year! Starting January 1st with New Year’s Day all the way up to December 31st and New Year’s Eve and let’s not forget some of the wonderful events along the way, including:

  •                                • Valentines Day
  •                                • St. Patrick’s Day
  •                                • Easter
  •                                • Cinco De Mayo
  •                                • Memorial Day
  •                                • July 4th
  •                                • Labor Day
  •                                • Halloween
  •                                • Thanksgiving
  •                                • Hannukah & 
  •                                • Christmas

These types of Holidays tend to have some sort of a traditional type of food for them – we think Corn Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day or Turkey for Thanksgiving. These are great associations between those Holiday’s and the great traditional foods we eat. But there are many other things to celebrate throughout a year that could be filled with any type of food, such as:

  •                                • Office Parties
  •                                • Birthdays
  •                                • Super Bowl or any big game
  •                                • Graduations
  •                                • Showers
  •                                • Religious Celebrations
  •                                • Get togethers with family and friends
  •                                • Or even just days you don’t feel like cooking

So what are you to do on these occasions…………Do the Salsa Salsa!!!!!

Just give us a call or stop in to any of our three locations and we can help you plan your meal for one of these special occasions. We’d be glad to listen to the type of audience you expect and we can match some of our great dishes for your event and company. A little Salsa Salsa never hurt any event – just think about that one football player on the Football Giants – he doesn’t Salsa for just anything – he Salsa’s for a celebration!

So your next celebration, think Salsa Salsa!!!!

Come down to any of our three locations and enjoy our wide array or fresh cuisine including: chili, nachos, burritos, tacos, salad wraps, fajita wraps, and a whole lot more! We look forward to serving you up a made to order fresh meal – gluten free meals also available.